Thank You For Your Donations

Your donations keep empowering the community!

Molly C

We wanted to thank you personally for your donation. We have used your donation and converted it in STC vouchers to help others, who are struggling to purchase essentials. Thank you so much from the STC Team.

Althea S

Acorn Tra

Massive thank you to the Dene Community Centre for allowing us to host our registration days. We cannot thank your members enough for their support. Althea has provided such lovely advice and a warm welcoming environment.


Community Southwark

Thank you so much Betty and Community Southwark  for being such an incredible support to STC. For opening doors and making connections that have allowed us to grow and access great initiatives. 


Born 2 Inspire

Thanks to your generosity we were able to collaborate and provide our STC Scholarship student Emmanuel with a laptop, to help him on his journey to becoming a qualified nurse. It takes a global community.

The Green Community Centre

Thank you. Because we were able to host our launch day event at the community centre, we have made wonderful connections with the community.


The Ivy Club

There are just not enough words to thank you and the ladies for all you have done and continue to do for STC. You have trusted us to serve you with the dignity you deserve and for this we are extremely grateful.

Everyone who donated items

Thank you so much for all the good quality items that have been donated to STC. We have been able to upload them (STC Marketplace – Donations). These are really helping the community.



We are blessed to have members of the community, who contribute their time, expertise and skills to STC. For this we could not do all we do and at the speed in which we do what we do. So thank you for everything.

Jennifer R

Thank you so much for your kind generosity towards Emmanuel’s Scholarship journey. Its heart like yours that allow us to do what we do. Thank you so much again. We cannot do this without people like you.

Paul B

Its overwhelming when people hear the story of a young aspiring nurse and are willing to help him become that. Thank you for contributing to Emmanuel’s Scholarship journey. We appreciate you. We cannot do this without people like you.


STC Customer

Your donation, meant a young woman and her family were able to eat. It does not take much to be kind and show kindness. Thank you for not only shopping with us to help others but for donating to us also. We cannot do this without people like you.

Silent Donator

For all those who have taken their time to donate, without recognition, wow. It warms our hearts. Thank you so much. We cannot do this without people like you.