Spotlight Partner: Mo Tribe

Our partnership with Mo Tribe exemplifies the essence of our marketplace. Born from a love for the Northern Fugu Fabric, or “Worrie”, Mo Tribe evolved from merely selling fabrics to crafting exquisite accessories like bags and footwear. Their initiative not only taps into the rich cultural tapestry of Ghana but also empowers local women in weaving communities. These artisans, often from low-income backgrounds, find a sustainable livelihood and a platform to showcase their talent.

But Mo Tribe’s commitment doesn’t stop there. As the exclusive UK distributor, we are proud to share that Mo Tribe has pledged 20% of every sale made through STC Marketplace back into community initiatives. Their alignment with our core values and ethos makes this partnership a beacon of hope and empowerment.

Celebrating the independent creativity of expression through art and design.
‘Paying It Forward’ has never been so easy.
Purchase from us and 20% goes back to support the community.